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European Wasp


Wasp control is something we should all seriously consider when living on the Gold Coast, Splat has the answers.Wasps are regarded as nuisance pests or a threat to health.

They feed on fruits e.g. apples, pears and plums although they are regarded as scavengers extending the damage caused by other pests and diseases. The need to collect wood to construct nests means that wasps may damage the wooden fabric of buildings, fences and even perhaps garden furniture.

It is the ability of wasps to cause painful stings that concerns most people. They are not regarded as particularly aggressive and the ability to sting is employed by the social wasps to defend their nests.

The sting is caused by the injection of venom into the victim by means of the modified ovipositor of the females. Unlike the sting of bees the wasp sting can be withdrawn from the victim. Histamine is also present which causes the redness, flare and weal in skin.

Stings can be treated with a cold compress and antihistamine creams applied within twenty minutes of stinging. A suitable antiseptic cream should also be rubbed into the skin to prevent infection.

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