Termite Treatments Gold Coast

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Termite treatments are something we should all seriously consider when living on the Gold Coast, Splat has the answers.

Termite Dusting

There are numerous ways in treating active termites. The most successful of these treatments is in the form of Dusting and Foaming.termite-treatments

Dusting can be particularly use full for low termite activity, where little damage has occurred.

Dust is applied by means of a puffer, small holes are made into termite trails where the dust is applied. These holes are then resealed to prevent dust escaping and to reduce disturbance to the termites. As termites continue working along these trails, they pick up traces of the dust slowly infecting the colony.

The process usually takes up to 3 weeks to eliminate a colony of active termites. A number of dusting applications may be required depending on the size and location of the termite activity.

Termite Foaming

Foaming is used for termite activity that may be difficult to reach, or in area’s that have extensive termite activity, such as a sub nest or (bivouac) for complete coverage.

Foaming equipment uses air to expand a mixture of Termidicide chemical and a foam liquid. The foam will expand and saturate termite workings in and around the timber.

The use of Foam also creates minimal damage to your home when treating termite activity.

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