Rodent Control Gold Coast

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Rodent Information

Rodent control is something we all have to face from time to time on the Gold Coast, Splat has the answers. Rats and mice are well adapted to living in close association with humans. Their presence is undesirable due to their ability to physically damage structures, spoil and contaminate food and transmit diseases to humans.


They may live and nest within buildings indefinitely, provided they have access to food and water. Being creatures of habit, they will travel the same routes to the food sources therefore assisting us in the most appropriate location to place baits. Rats and mice are most active during night time.

The following signs may indicate rodent activity,

  • Droppings – found near shelters/nests, feeding areas, travel paths. Burrows – found outside, along walls, under buildings, in creek banks, roof insulation, and in stacked materials.
  • Gnawing – rodents gnaw a wide variety of material including woodwork, electrical cables and food containers. Noise scratching, fighting, squeaking, clawing and gnawing often heard during the night time.

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