Ant Control Gold Coast

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Ants are mainly a nuisance pest rather than a health problem, but you still need proper ant control, especially on the Gold Coast. Ants cause problems primarily when they forage in buildings for food or water and when they construct nests in buildings and gardens.

When searching for food, they are attracted to a wide range of foodstuffs. They will also search indoors for water during dry periods. When desirable items are found many species will recruit fellow nest mates to help gather the food and return it to the nest. This can result in large numbers of ants appearing over a short period of time.

Some ants build nests in walls and foundations, or indoors in potted plants, enclosed areas, and even in cavities in toilets and sinks. In almost all cases nests are limited to pre-existing cavities or spaces between objects or in rotten wood.

Ants will seldom attack solid structures, they generally will not cause structural damage to buildings but will take advantage of existing deterioration. A few species will occasionally attack electrical wiring and cause extensive damage.

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